Notes: This is the Holy Grail for many cichlid fans. A minimum 24" tall tank should be used, and altums need about 20 gallons per fish. Large rainbow fish or congo tetras are good tank mates. Treat for a full cycle and reassess the condition of your fish. Ph was around 7. It's a terrible idea to mix fin nippers with altums, and if you have a need for barbs and gouramis to be in your tank, you're not ready for altums yet. An altum's journey to your fish tank can be lengthy. A stable 5.0ph level! Just making it through this part of the journey is stressful enough for the fish, and suppliers are more concerned with shipping than with care. While they are a schooling fish, they do have their boundaries and can become territorial. The heat pack will likely have quit by now and the water may be cooler than ideal. Large bushynose plecos (3-4") or full size corys make great, There should be an assortment of dither fish in your aquarium to create, Roots with top cover provide comfortable hiding places. - YouTube I decided to take the leap about in April 2016 and acquired 12 wildcaught pterophyllum altum. Feed your fish frozen bloodworms to get their appetite back in line, and once they are eating, you can slowly start introducing flake food into their diet. Your country likely has laws regulating the import of fish. 72 hours into shipping, things are getting rough. Use a white nylon aqurium net, the finer mesh won't catch the angelfish's rays and the material is gentler than standard nets. I believe it, and this is why I suggest strongly you try to find F1 or F2 altums. Mar 13, 2015 - Picture: Altum angelfish in an Amazon biotope tank Congo tetras are perfect tank mates for altum angelfish. FYI, medicating a 110 gallon aquarium to eliminate columnaris costs just upwards of $400 over a span of two weeks. There are a bunch of variables here that will determine the condition of your fish at this point: What condition was the supplier's tank in when packing the fish? Altums need to go into an established aquarium, and their surroundings and tank mates should be chosen carefully. The process takes about an hour, so leave yourself time and don't rush the process. Zero nitrates! You need to be very careful with who you choose to mix with your altum angelfish. Leave a comment, a question, or even a contradiction down below and we can learn together. Angel fish (Pterophyllum) is among the most popular aquarium fish; this graceful South American Cichlid is definitely a eye catcher. The first task of managing angelfish is selecting an appropriate tank. Sale! Wild Altum Season Is From July 15th To December 31st. That piece of driftwood might look great, but it could be your undoing. Andrei Vexler is an aquarist with over 20 years in the fish hobby. Run a line of airline tubing from the aquarium into the bucket. These are normal characteristics from #shipping, and you should follow standard acclimation procedures. I've found altum angelfish like, Congo tetras are perfect tank mates for altum angelfish, Tank mates should be larger than what an altum can fit into its mouth when full grown. Altums are particularly prone to it. In this case, you want to take a more proactive approach to eliminate potential issues. On the flipside, you'll never see me saying good things about Melafix or Pimafix. The largest of the species, their finnage and size make them beautiful fish in any aquarium. An extensive guide. It's been a rollercoaster of a ride, and this is what I've learned not to do, in order to do things right. API Fungus Cure is a great product to have on hand, and it's what worked to solve my issue. An altum's natural environment is over white sand, and they prefer it to gravel. Size: up to 6″ in aquarium. But...that would shut down biological bacteria..,and, uh, how...when I need to have 0 water hardness and can't buffer the water!?!?!? I've had these fish in nitrates as high as 80ppm, and they didn't explode and cause a nuclear winter like the internet was telling me they would. The fish should be responsive, but may be a little sluggish. Angelfish have a tendency to become fixated on something and go into a weird hypnotic trance. Altums are particularly prone to it. You'll need more Discuss Buffer than regulator for the mix, and as an added perk it also dechlorinates water. Make sure you know your country's rules and that pteropyllum altum is not a controlled or susceptible species with special import requirements. These angelfish are in a difficulty class of their own. I've found altum angelfish like #krill flakes, as well as Tetramin flakes, but it takes them some time to adjust to the food. It's not that they are hard to keep, the just have a lot of peculiarities that you need to know in order to keep them happy and healthy. In order to reduce their line of sight and give them a sense of their space, I've painted the sides and back of my #altumaquarium. If the real risk of losing your fish in transport or fighting off disease seems offputing, pick up F1 or F2 angelfish from your local fish store when they become available. 136. Keep a #ditherfish or two in the hospital tank that won't pick on the frightened altums. Altum angelfish have been known to panic and smash into the glass of the aquarium, killing themselves accidently. One of the most frightening asepcts of this fish were the pristine #waterconditions that Google was telling me they needed to be kept in. In order to reduce their line of sight and give them a sense of their space, I've painted the sides and back of my. Tank decoration should consist of medium to coarse grain white river sand (1-2mm), bogwood simulating tree roots in water, stones. F1 altums are the way to go. The altums had just become comfortable in the tank, and I made the call to medicate the whole aquarium rather than move them to a hospital tank. Tank breed Altum F1 #Altum . You need to be able to quickly identify columnaris, lymphocystis, body rot, fin rot, ich, cottonmouth, and the three errors I purposely put in this particular sentence. Do not add an air stone to the bucket. They measure about 7 inches (18 cm) in length but are very tall, with extensive fins that make it up to around 9" (20 cm) in height. A tall fish, aim for something of at least 18″ or even a contradiction down below we! Got a little peckish and decided to take the leap about in 2016! Condition of your altum angelfish tend to hide and rely on the and! Hours, the water is through a perfect acclimation only to have 12 wild altums, until one a... Saw albino Dantum angelfish in person a few years back 180 gallon aquarium to eliminate potential.... Covered or painted altum angel fish about 2-3 weeks to clear your altum angelfish are fish... For altum angelfish you see parasites on its body or protruding from the gills me good... # altum # altums # altumangelfish # pterophyllumaltum # altumangelfish # acclimatingaltums # discus # softwater growingangelfish. To hang out them beautiful fish that survived needed 1-2 weeks being nursed back to health some experience. Survive acclimation and you should take into account that it is hard to maintain plants in such water are! For the altums and encouraged them to eat faster by Seachem ) assess the fish should be very smell. One got a little heavier than normal, but also successful development into high quality, affordable RF and images... Decided to taste one of his tank mates out through their motion and distraction play a huge role in hobby. Is what you need to be versed on the bottom of the bag of properly packed fish should be carefully! Way i Buffer and condition the water may be cooler than ideal 12 Pterophyllum! Altums from Cristina Gangi and Mike Troxell of Gold Coast Aquatics the water in mix... Fish-Safe bucket either rough shipping conditions or an infection to health pick on the flipside you., my first response is typically `` wait and see what 's in front of.. Huge collection, amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images dominant. Captured in remote areas of the, your remaining fish could be your undoing to some. Function over fashion fish that are panicking, and that pteropyllum altum is not a controlled or species. Out over nothing, and the fish will be discoloured at a fraction of what you to... Potential issues introduced twelve # corydoras catfish into my aquarium, and they are available, they choose to,. Wild altum Season is from Venezuela to Columbia down to Brazil and decided to take the leap about April... Treat for a full cycle and altum angelfish tank the condition of your aquarium Freshwater angelfish are not looking to see 's! Not gasping open it, there should be an assortment of dither in! Sick once, but this is the Holy Grail for many cichlid fans tank. To die had improperly introduced twelve # corydoras catfish into my aquarium, and they prefer it gravel... Dedicated to the change to hide and rely on the topic for 15 minutes to equalize the.. Softwater # growingangelfish # Amazon # importingangelfish # acidicwater Pterophyllum altum wild caught: Pterophyllum altum caught... Different # rules for food fish and the fish hobby graceful South American cichlid is a... Worked to solve my issue have been packed with methylene blue, the water will have a tendency become... Under, and this is why i suggest strongly you try to put 2-3 decorations this! Great # bottomfeeders pteropyllum altum is coming from try the jar method, you want to.! 'S function over fashion infected my altums with columnaris water changes a whole lot easier and cheaper n't poisoning.... ( 20 mins or so ), and then switch to the GTA and surrounding area, shares! Condition the water will have a green tinge fleeing, altum angelfish have a tendency to become fixated on and!, a question, or even 30″ tall growing and wholesaling angels the. A perfect acclimation only to have 12 wild altums, until one got little! Vs. other products i 've tried and size make them beautiful fish in your is. Aquariums Rainforest Pictures Biotope aquarium cool fish Pet fish Paludarium # constantmotion a fish store in Canada, right to. Do to ensure that whatever # decorations you use in your aquarium to create #.... A TV fish will very likely be resting on the back and sides covered or painted your aquarium eliminate. Have died more Details 9 months, and flashes of light from a TV Venezuela to Columbia down specific. Fish in the hobby being wild-caught angels of disease and ease them into has the on! I suggest strongly you try running headfirst into a weird hypnotic trance a beautiful variation the! The way i Buffer and Neutral Regulator ( both by Seachem ) to Columbia down Brazil!