If it doesnt work the first time try again. I haven't bought groceries since my 4th generation, and now I'm on my 30th. Fix Flowers & Lawn. It will start all over in your achievements section. Enjoy! As for how much money you earn, it can range from a few thousand to 10000+! When you are gone, he will make lots of money and get lots of promotions. Here's what happened to me! They had one daughter, Brina, who is off in college, and they are thinking about adopting another child soon.So I have 3 tricks that I have used through all of those generations (though the third one I just started using this generation) that I think everyone who plays VF2 should know.Trick 1: Cash overnight- First of all, you need the right job. I always try to save money and not spend unless necessary. The happier the better. Hey guys its corgi luver again and I apologize for the long title! I looked at the people to inherit I would have chosen Akhi but he did not want children. Thank you hope this helped:). But you shouldn't fire the maid, give her a chance. Okay so one day I was roaming a few different sites trying to find a fast way to make money. Towels - You can't use them. same as above. Extremely weak, Weak, A bit weak - Generally caused by neglect/sickness. I am now on my third game and have a happy couple with 5 soon to be 6 children. Each family member you put on will have the same collectible. Then either praise the person or pick them up. Don't buy any kids sofas, love seats, or beanbags when you can buy a bet or a regular couch. Double check everything. - If you encourage them to play in the workshop, they may become a builder which can lead to free rooms! 2. Here are a few ways to earn money- and how to keep it and FAST! I've done this before and my whole house is rebuilt, I didn't buy any rooms! If you want twins or triplets you have to do the following instructions 1.as soon as you accept a marriage proposal you get that picture with the man and the lady right? If you don't have a bed, you can always use a couch! Go off the app. Section 1: Problem Children Lots of people have delt with problem children and we all have seen the questions. To make more money quick stay in real life time but make sure you adopt someone who makes $15 if you chose someone who makes more you will not get as much. I encourage you stock up your fridge once in a while and not have to worry about it for the next week. Baby virtual families wiki fandom powered by wikia how to become rich on virtual families 2 4 steps with how to get triplets in virtual families 2 without baby booser virtual families 2 how to get twins triplets or quadruples. 4. Hello everybody, this is my first guide but I will be posting more in the future. But I have been playing 2-3 hours of VF2 a day for a while, and I have figured out the easiest, cheapest, and most practical way of running your house! Don't fix home malfunctions Congrats! Selling collectibles: Most of you all know this trick, but to sell collectibles for more money, place 2 people on the collectible. As your people grow older give them organic food and check on them often, Stay away from making them work and give them full attention, Do not scold them for anything that they do, Do anything that you can to make life easy, Once one of them dies keep playing with the other. You should get about the amount the pet and the furniture cost. I have around 19720 coins and have 4 rooms renovated. But do punish them for things such as switching lights on and off, tearing books, drawing on the walls, digging in the trash, etc. Get Rid of Bugs In Virtual Families 3. 1. Whenever your child starts misbehaving, Just drag them over to a toy and praise them twice. It is titled "staying cool in the pool". First, drag female on the male, or vise versa. I would have chosen Krissy too but she didn't want children either. should be scolded. To sell them first click the decorate button, next place them in one of open slots, then drag them straight to the curb! The house never got very messy and none of my kids got sick. I buy organics though, not because they're healthier, but because they have 150 more food than regular.
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