Oxley St. & Mission St.; South Pasadena. Horror Movie Homes Thriller. ‘Smith’s Grove Sanitarium’ is the US Veterans Hospital, 16111 Plummer Street, North Hills West, in the San Fernando Valley west of the San Diego Freeway. 110 W. McLean St, Alhambra, CA, GPS: Download this stock image: Los Angeles, California, USA 5th November 2020 A general view of atmosphere of John Carpenter 1978 Classic Horror Film Location of Smith's Grove Sanitarium in Movie filmed at Lake Hollywood Drive at Hollywood Reservoir on November 5, 2020 at Lake Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, USA. Smith's Grove Sanitarium/Appearances. Wallace grew up in the same town as John Carpenter, Bowling Green, Kentucky, and by the time he was tapped to design Halloween, he had already worked in the art department on Carpenter’s first two feature films: the sci-fi comedy Dark Star (1974) and the brutally raw Assault on Precinct 13 (1976). Lindsey’s house across the street was built decades later in 1962. Watch Queue Queue These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. KY 101 is known locally as Main Street and provides the central road through town. Contents[show] History Dr. Samuel Loomis conducted daily sessions with young Michael Myers, often recording their conversations together. On a dark and stormy night, Michael Myers’ psychiatrist, Dr. Samuel Loomis (Donald Pleasence), and a nurse drive to Smith’s Grove Sanitarium where Michael has been incarcerated for 15 years. The scenes inside Smith's Grove Sanitarium from the TV version of Halloween were filmed at the West Los Angeles VA Campus. Smith's Grove Sanitarium was a mental health facility and detainment center for the criminally insane. ... California to Salt Lake City, Utah! This was a video poem project I did for my video art class. Photo: Derek Mellus; Photo: Derek Mellus. Interstate 65 provides direct access to Smiths Grove via the Exit 38 interchange. Smiths Grove has a lending library, a branch of the Warren County Public Library. About two days of the film’s condensed 20-day shooting schedule were devoted to preparing the house and filming the opening shot, which was photographed on the last day of production. “It was a cold call. He does remember that everything was moving very quickly and it’s likely that Hill knew of or had heard about Orange Grove Avenue, just north of Sunset Boulevard. “You want to get to the core of your audience and the core of the audience is not Los Angeles. Scary nurses reminiscent of Nurse Ratched. visitArezzo, Report Bug | Content is licensed under: Movieloci.com 2021 | Lieuxtournage.fr | Filming-locations.com | Movie Stars Map | Paetrik | 0.52, Oxley St & Montrose Ave, South Pasadena, CA, Meridian Ave & Magnolia St, South Pasadena, CA, Marc-Antoine follows Hermann on the south side of the Charles Bridge. Horror, filming locations, Utah, Salt Lake City One of my favorite films in the series is the underrated sixth entry, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Before walking away, she wishes me a happy Halloween. filminglocs Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. The first interment at the cemetery dates back to 1882 and 16 veterans of the Civil War are also buried there. She holds the pumpkin in her lap while waiting to get picked up for her Halloween night babysitting job. The grill occupies the same location but has been totally rebuilt since the film. Hitchcock also used the cemetery in what would be his final film, Family Plot (1976). The location is seen more heavily at the beginning of the film with Jamie's escape from Smith's Grove. Other than one missing building, the location looks almost exactly the same. At the time of filming, much of the grounds were overgrown, but through the ‘80s and ‘90s a number of upgrades were made, so the cemetery is in a better state now than it was 40 years ago. HW666, Address: Address: The house still stands in that spot today, adjacent to the hardware store location from Halloween. September 26, 2014 Oh, The Horror: Allure of the asylum. Smith’s Grove Exterior – Halloween 6 Filming Location. ... Smith’s Grove Sanitarium Originally, it had been the intention to shoot both the Doyle and Wallace houses in South Pasadena. Wallace suspects that it was Hill who found the location, which was the Sierra Madre Pioneer Cemetery. Donald Pleasance plays Michael Myers's psychiatrist, Dr. Samuel Loomis, who works at Smith's Grove Sanitarium, where Myers is incarcerated after murdering his older sister in 1963. These Sanitarium scenes were actually shot at the U.S. Veterans Hospital, located at 16111 Plummer Street., in North Hills, CA. Only the areas that Carpenter was going to photograph with a slowly roaming Panaglide camera were repaired. Score: Lobotomies. The location where they filmed the scene for Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995) where they're going into Smith's Grove at the end of the movie. Smith’s Grove Sanitarium. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of one of the most popular horror films ever made, we spoke with Wallace about the film’s L.A. locations and returned to the old knifing grounds of Michael Myers to see if they’ve aged as well as the infamous boogeyman. The dark roadways of the sanitarium were filmed along Lake Hollywood Drive around the Hollywood Reservoir. Audiences are both freaked out and captivated by psychiatric hospitals. It was the location of treatment and incarceration of now-serial killer, Michael Myers from November 1963 to October 30, 1978. Nope, that was all L.A. By. Category page. Movie was filmed in 1978. Find your thing. Both can be glimpsed behind Loomis as he finishes his phone call and discovers an abandoned auto mechanic’s truck. ), Montrose Ave. bet. Design based on the Mental Hospital where Michael Myers was committed and eventually escaped from in the 1978 Horror Cult Film Halloween, directed by John Carpenter. Dr. Loomis and Dr. Wynn argue over Michael Myers escape. Time of the screenshot: 00:14:57. Saturday, October 3, 2009. 1.8K likes. Transportation. The homes on both sides of the Myers house had already been demolished when late South Pasadena councilmember David Margrave recognized the house’s historical importance and bought it for a silver dollar under the pretense that it could be moved within a week’s time. “The logistics were insane,” says Wallace. Laurie sees The Shape out of her classroom window. ... (Smith's Grove Sanitarium) 1 of 1 found this interesting Interesting? Smiths Grove has a lending library, a branch of the Warren County Public Library. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. This is part of an series of locations for Halloween (2018). The kind of audience we were looking for was out there in the main part of the country.”. The location’s housekeeper let Wallace in after he explained what he needed to do. Wallace remembers getting four good takes and that three of them were combined in the editing room to create the film’s masterful opening shot at the Myers house. Transportation. Fifteen years after murdering his sister as a boy on Halloween night, Michael escapes the confinement of a sanitarium and returns to his hometown of Haddonfield, Illinois, to continue his killing spree. 1530 N. Orange Grove Ave.; Hollywood (Doyle house), 1537 N. Orange Grove Ave.; Hollywood (Wallace house). The exact building is unknown but filming most likely took place in building 205, 208 or 209 at the far north end of the campus, as this area … “It was really fun and interesting and just a hell of a shot.” It is Wallace’s favorite scene in the film. With nowhere to relocate the house, Margrave brazenly hired a crew to transport it down the street next to the railroad tracks running through the intersection of Mission Street and Meridian Avenue. The return of Michael Myers for Halloween 2018 was filmed on location in Charleston, South Carolina. He had only been in town a few years at that point and admits that he wasn’t too familiar with the territory outside the proper city limits of Los Angeles. The interior of the oddly underpopulated hospital, where Michael disposes of most of the staff, is mainly Morningside Hospital, which stood at 8711 South Harvard Boulevard in Inglewood , until being demolished in 2003, plus a little of Pasadena Community Hospital, 1845 North Fair Oaks Avenue , … Ash Williams was taken there by the demon known as Baal, where Baal tried to convince Ash that he had been locked up in the asylum for 30 years following the murders of his friends during a weekend trip. Smith’s Grove Warren County Sanitarium is a fictional Illinois state hospital and psychiatric care facility named after the real-life town of Smith’s Grove in Warren County, Kentucky. Just your everyday smooth, comfy tee, a wardrobe staple; Slim fit, so size up if you prefer a looser fit, or check out the Classic T-Shirt Posted by Jacob Barlow in Uncategorized ≈ Leave a comment. We learn from Dr. Loomis that Michael Myers has escaped. The owners of this house in South Pasadena, however, not only welcome fans, they encourage them to visit. 84314 Opening montage - 3200 … Milsn inserted real photo of the filming location Soldiers on the Charles Bridge of the Movie Anthropoid. Paint was drying and wallpaper was going up until the camera began to roll, recalls Wallace. It’s just a winding road with a chain-link fence. Subsequent to Halloween, other small-town films that chose South Pasadena included Carpenter’s own Christine (1983), Pee-wee’s Big Adventure (1985), Back to the Future (1985), Teen Wolf (1985), and Pretty in Pink (1986). Upon approaching the gates of the hospital in a government-owned station wagon, patients in white medical gowns are seen aimlessly roaming the grounds. “Obviously, we were successful,” says Wallace. Location appearances. ... (as Smiths Grove) 5 of 5 found this interesting Interesting? You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Today known as the Century House, South Pasadena historians consider it to be one of the earliest homes built in the small suburb, which was incorporated in 1888, the same year the house was constructed. “The streets, unmistakably, have a lot of character,” says Wallace. “Would you like me to take your picture,” she asks. 1 History 2 Film appearances 3 Staff members 4 Patients 5 See also 6 References Doctor Samuel Loomis conducted daily sessions with young Michael Myers, often recording their conversations together. One location from the film I haven't had the chance to visit yet is the exterior of the Smith's Grove building. Compass International Pictures/Jared Cowan. Part of this is desperation and part of it is aesthetics.”. The anchor of the film’s South Pasadena locations was its archetypal haunted house. “Remember, we’re talking low budget. Laurie babysits Tommy Doyle in one house and Annie babysits Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards) in the other. If you visit Sierra Madre Pioneer Cemetery, get your bearings by looking for the large headstone reading “Sinclair,” which is seen in a master shot next to Judith Myers’ desecrated grave. “I lived in the Hollywood Hills and I knew that area pretty well,” says Wallace. Smiths Grove Sanitarium. For the main page, go here. Filming Locations (13) Filming Dates (1) Filming Locations. Related Posts: Halloween 6 Filming LocationsMovie Filming Locations Haddonfield, Illinois? Denmar Sanitarium is a repurposed tuberculosis hospital for African-Americans in Denmar, West Virginia. Milsn inserted real photo of the filming location Marc-Antoine follows Hermann on the south side of the Charles Bridge of the Movie The secret of Wilhelm Storitz. In the four decades since filming, massive industrial complexes have risen, totally obscuring the rolling hills in the background that made the location attractive to begin with. This, of course, is where Michael Myers obtained the mechanics coveralls that he would wear throughout the Halloween franchise.
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