Check the sidebar for information! 1 Biography 2 Personality 3 Abilities 3.1 Speed 3.2 Power 3.3 Durability 4 Techniques 4.1 Battle Body MK I 4.2 Battle Body MKII 5 Trivia At age 15 Genos and his family was attacked by a cyborg that left him for dead. Metal Knight was experimenting with some new toys and something malfunctioned to the point where it got out of control... Drive Knight did use the word "enemy" when giving Genos a warning about Metal Knight, and the latter is known for being pretty apathetic to anything other than testing out his new designs. Genos is investigating the matter by evaluating Third party accounts and records, so if there was a mismatch among his memory and those accounts he would have been alarmed by now. What about the plot where it was actually Dr. Kuseno who did it (i mean there are plots where the perpetrator of the crime looks for the "culprit" in order to prevent other ppl from looking on him/her) in order or maybe Metal Knight? Would it be a huge shock if it turned out that Bofoi destroyed a whole village, what, 4 years ago? They were pretty poor, but they lived a happy life. This inversions continues into Season 2, with Genos learning that the cyborg that killed his family is still active before that major plot thread fades into the background, largely unaddressed. With how easily a random scientist can create op stuff like Dr. Genos, Metal Knight, Dr. Kuseno, Organization etc. Genos is the secondary protagonist and Saitama's best friend and disciple. (Source: IMDB) Genos, who's also known as the Demon Cyborg, has been striving to be stronger ever since his family was mercilessly killed by a mentally challenged cyborg. share. He put the note down on the counter in shock. Boomstick: Then out of nowhere, a cyborg showed and killed his entire family and town and Genos barely made it out alive. There should be a plot twist that the cyborg has actually been destroyed, and Genos' quest was all for nothing. Genos was rebuilt, into a cyborg. I've sometimes thought I detected a whiff of guilt in how positively indulgent Dr. Kuseno is towards Genos: he seems to let him do whatever he likes with as much money as he wants. saitama unleashing ultra instinct. Genos,or theDemon Cyborg,is the deuteragonist of the webcomic-turned manga/anime series One Punch Man. 4 years before the start of the series, Genos was a regular boy who lived in a small town. 4 years before the start of the series, Genos was a regular boy who lived in a small town. Genos is quite strong now but because of the nature of anime I’m sure that his final boss (assuming it’s not already dead or Genos) will still be stronger. Wiz: Genos Can shoot lasers and fly around for short periods of time. If the mad cyborg was such a threat that even saitama would acknowledge it, then the only known feat of destroying a town is a bizarre one. Geno's Description in one of the Main Character's entries states that: Before meeting Saitama, Genos was a normal, happy boy who lived with his family. Boomstick: Like any old-fashioned anti-hero, Genos' story began on the fateful day a mysterious cyborg destroyed his hometown and killed his family. He may have stepped back from the depths of mercilessness shown by Amai Mask, but when one looks at the horrifying damage Genos took in beating a robot to death just so he could salvage its parts, one is left in no doubt that he's insane. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. hide. I will say it’s more of an emotional battle. To follow in the footsteps of their idols, these two utilize their explosive powers. In his youth, he was a very justice-driven man who would do anything to achieve justice for mankind even it meant doing reckless things. Wiz: After being found and rescued by the brilliant Dr. Kuseno, Genos begged the good doctor to rebuild him as a cyborg so that he could get revenge on the cyborg that killed his family. More posts from the OnePunchMan community. Genos was the cyborg, his memory has been altered to believe he was a victim when in reality his programming was faulty and he went on a murder spree. Wiz: When he was a young boy, Genos's parents family and friends were killed by an evil cyborg. A plot twist at this point will be very ONE like because it will increase the shock value as everyone is suspecting Metal knight. Saitama eventually becomes a reluctant mentor to Genos, a cyborg seeking revenge against another cyborg who killed his family and destroyed his hometown. And then Amai Mask self-destructs. Genos was a normal boy that once lived an happy life with his parents. To save his life, Genos … New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OnePunchMan community. He easily becomes hyper-fixated on various things that he believes will lead him closer to his goal, which is killing the cyborg that killed his parents. Could be. The cyborg he's hunting, yeah RIP. He easily becomes hyper-fixated on various things that he believes will lead him closer to his goal, which is killing the cyborg that killed his parents. However, when he was only 15 years old, a crazy cyborg attacked his city and killed everyone in it, including his parents. He somewhat worries about Genos' obsessive desire to destroy the cyborgthat killed his family and often stresses this to Genos to a degree. That’s still a theory for now, a popular one but not confirmed. Given the nature of Bofoi, neither one nor three seems unlikely, but 1. is a more Occam friendly Hypothesis as 3. needs another independent assumption of existence of another Cyborg. All we've been able to learn is that it really did happen. However, Dr. Kuseno's trying to moderate Genos's hunt isn't guilt -- it's truly scary and over-the-top to witness. But this question is pestering my mind. He has spiky blond hair. The Demon Cyborg attempted to strike his opponent with his free fist. Genos survived the attack, but his body was ruined and he wouldn't survive for long all alone so he asked Dr. … So to start off, Genos was an ordinary kid until his family was killed by a rampaging robot cyborg. Genos is extremely serious in nature. So what we can be sure of is there is gonna be some sort of plot twist. Genos has dedicated his entire life to defeating the Cyborg to avenge his family. Genos is the secondary protagonist and Saitama's best friend and disciple. Incredibly, Genos managed to survive the fatal attack, but would have died had Dr. Kuseno not found him aftermath, after taking care of him Genos started seeing Dr. Kuseno as an father figure and begged him to turn him into an cyborg so he would be strong enough to take revenge on that cyborg who killed his parents. By order of ROB Raiden must follow the plot; I.E.
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